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Welcome to the fourth gathering of the ‘Me’ever La Mycophbia – Heartfulness’ Festival
An event that is all about love, workshops, celebration, music and self development. 11-13.7

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Limited number of participants *

Many ask us what is the vision of ‘Me’ever La Mycophbia’? Well, this can be summed up by the word Heartfulness.
In other words, through the heart, inner introspection is created for our very existence. At all levels: the physical body, the moving energy, the mental level, the acquisition of useful knowledge and our actions in the world – so our life changes and our environment is nourished. This is mutual fertilization and thus creates a thriving community – Mycophbia.
This is the revolution, through the mental evolution of the senses – and this is the next stage of human consciousness!

Because we feel the collective need to grow in personal awareness, this festival was created.
We invite you and you to join us in this magical journey with all our ♥.

We divided the workshops and spaces inspired by the philosophy of Yoga and the five-body model of human existence – Pancha Maya Kosha:
Physical – »Energetic -» Mental – »Knowledge -» purpose

We limited the number of participants to 350 to set the right conditions for well-being and comfort on a magical weekend and open hearts.:

See you in the desert
Love and abundance
‘Me’ever La Mycophbia – Heartfulness’ Festival