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About the Label

MYCOMusic is a musical label created for and in the community.


is a musical label created for and in the community.

As a multidisciplinary community, many things unite and bring us closer together.
One of them was very clear, right from the start – THE MUSIC

Therefore, over the past two years, we have tried to understand –

What music characterizes MYCO community?

From this thinking, we have come to the conclusion that the music that the community consumes extends to a variety of genres, but the factor that has always united and distinguished the musicians that grew out of the community is the combination of organic and electronic music.

So, over the course of many months, we have collected musicians who have built for themselves a musical puzzle that combines the creation and production of electronic music, with musical instruments and live singing.

Through the label,

These artists will release albums, videos and music videos with the full support of the community.

Moreover, the artists are the future generation.
They are the ones who will create the unique soundtrack of the community in a coherent, collaborative and adaptive way to the community’s responses to events and media activities.

MycoMusic is a musical journey that begins here.
Let’s set off!

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